Novotiral 100mcg. 50 tabs.

Novotiral 100mcg. 50 tabs.
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NOVOTIRAL available combines two synthetic tiroideas hormones for the treatment in case of hipotiroidismo, eutiroideo goiter, tiroideos nodules, subacute or chronic linfocítica tiroiditis (tiroiditis of Hashimoto), multinodular goiter, mixedema, tiroidea cretinismo, aplasia, tiroiditis and after operations of the thyroid gland or the application of radioactive iodine. The use of helping tiroideas hormones as in the treatment of the refractory depression can be beneficial in a small number of patients who seem to be eutiroideos by means of the measurement of T3 and T4, nevertheless, these patients can have subclinical hipotiroidismo, which is detected by means of the increase of TSH in response to the TRH administration. Tiroideas hormones are used like agents diagnoses in suppression tests to differentiate between slight hipertiroidismo or autonomy from the thyroid gland. Novotiral may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide. Please consult your physician before taking any medication.

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